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Hugh Grant | Hugh Grant reflects on 1995 prostitute

The handsome, dashing, debonair English actor Hugh Grant was at the height of his fame when he reached rock bottom. While in the midst of a relationship with the impossibly beautiful actress Liz Hurley in 1995, Grant was nabbed by the LAPD in his BMW with his pants down. With him was prostitute Divine Brown, whom he’d paid $50 for a blowjob. Hurley soon dumped Grant, and Brown is now a happy

A Very English Scandal: Hugh Grant takes on the other side

PLAYBOY actor Hugh Grant will never settle down because he’s got no self-control and gets bored of women, according to former prostitute Divine Brown who was caught performing a sex act on Grant

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Hugh Grant, one of Britains best known faces, has been equally entertaining on-screen as well as in real life, and has had enough sense of humor to survive a media frenzy.

Its twenty years since Hugh Grant was arrested with a sex

Estella Marie Thompson (born August 9, 1969), also known as Divine Brown, is an American former prostitute who gained public attention in 1995 when actor Hugh Grant was caught receiving oral sex from her in his car on Hollywoods Sunset Boulevard.

CNN Showbiz News: Hugh Grant Scandal

Hugh Grant was the toast of Tinseltown until he was hit by a scandal after his encounter with a Hollywood prostitute, but now he has been embraced by U.S. audiences because of the stylish way he

The Divine redemption of Hugh Grant: A look at the

Hugh John Mungo Grant (born 9 September 1960) is an English actor and film producer. Grant has received a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and an Honorary César for his work.


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